WE BUILD an “Ecosystem of Access & Education” through programmatic initiatives that focus on education, mentorships, college guidance, industry exposure, parental education, and internship placement.

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WE PRACTICE Growth Mindset

Decades of research show a powerful relationship between mindset and achievement.
Growth Mindset is the belief that intelligence can be increased through effort.


What Is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset 1



Why Does Growth Mindset Matter?

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WE TEACH hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skill outcomes include mastery of introductory CS related skills, mastery of introductory programming constructs, moderate understanding of the design and build process, and moderate proficiency in at least one programming language.

Soft skill outcomes include increased confidence and comfort with public speaking, presenting, networking, technical/business writing, collaboration, communication, entrepreneurial skills, and emotional intelligence.


WE FOSTER entrepreneurial talent.

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2016 Summer Intensive Weekly Focus & Theme


Growth Mindset 1