Meet Our All Stars: Kwaku Amofah-Boafo

All Star Code Scholar Kwaku Amofah-Boafo is a senior at Frederick Douglass Academy 1 High School in Harlem. He participated in All Star Code’s 2018 Summer Intensive and went on to serve as a Teaching Fellow for the 2019 program. He is currently preparing to major in Computer Science in college next year.

Through All Star Code I have really become more assertive in letting my voice be heard, whether it’s in a networking, interviewing, or regular social situations.

How did you learn about and become involved with All Star Code?

I learned about All Star Code through a S.T.E.M counselor in my school.


What is your favorite thing about coding?

Turning my ideas into reality and how that can impact people. I think the fact that I can think up an idea, create a wire frame, and bring it to life is amazing! Most of the apps that I use every day started as an idea and with coding I am able to do the same thing.


Kwaku assisting new students during All Star Code’s 2019 Summer Intensive.

What are some of the main take-aways from your All Star Code Summer Intensive experience?  

That “core skills” are just as important as technical skills. You can be the best coder in the world but if you can’t give a firm handshake, interview well, or make deep connections with people you won’t get as far as you think. Technical skills are just one part of the equation to success.

Also, that people fail many times before they actually succeed. I previously thought that successful people were dealt a lucky hand in one shot and while sometimes that is the case, most times it is not. Most successful people have failed multiple times yet have been resilient resulting in their success.


How has All Star Code changed your life?

I am usually of a more introverted, quiet kid, but through All Star Code I have really become someone is more aggressive in letting my voice be heard whether it’s in a networking, interviewing, or regular social situations.


What advice would you give to someone your age who is interested in learning more about tech and entrepreneurship?

The advice I would give to someone my age is to see every problem as an opportunity. The most successful apps and businesses were created by someone who saw a problem and instead of just pushing it aside, found a solution and monetized that solution. Lastly, “Just Do It!” The wealthiest people in business and best people in the tech industry didn’t get there by sitting around, but by jumping straight into what they wanted to accomplish. So start with applying to the Summer Intensive


December 2019