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Meet Alberto Tornes, All Star Code’s New Community Manager!

1798160_10152410504568342_8551836749508346144_nThe United States of America is a country of opportunity. As an immigrant I can attest to the veracity of this claim. Those who have the drive to work hard, those who are willing to fail and turn their failures into learning opportunities, and those who work insatiably to achieve their goals are, without a doubt, destined for success. But opportunity does not come easily. Many times it is not clear enough. Sometimes it is up to socially conscious people and organizations to break down the barriers that hinder opportunity from being shared equally.

Joining All Star Code is an opportunity to work tirelessly to diversify America’s fastest growing industry: the technology sector. With blacks and Latinos representing a combined 9% of tech employees, and with over 1.4 million new technology-related jobs being predicted by 2020, it is imperative that the tech industry resembles a bit more what this country is: a nation that has historically embraced diversity and one that thrives from multiple cultural perspectives.

As All Star Code’s new Community Manager, I will be spearheading our newest program: the Alumni Accelerator. This recently launched program was designed in order to continue creating opportunities for our boys to get more immersed within the technology industry. I will be managing our existing relationships with tech companies and forging new ones to provide our boys with meaningful experiential learning and mentorship opportunities.

Prior to joining All Star Code, I worked at AID FOR AIDS International, a New York City-based nonprofit, developing and executing fundraising and marketing campaigns. This experience allowed me to better understand the world of social innovation and the need to develop programs and initiatives with a social impact focus. As a social entrepreneur, I also co-founded StartUp Cuba, an initiative created with the mission of fostering an ever-more dynamic culture of entrepreneurship in Cuba by empowering a new generation of socially minded entrepreneurs.

I have arrived at All Star Code captivated by our mission and fascinated by the knowledge and entrepreneurial grit that our boys exhibit. I am honored to work alongside a remarkable group of professionals that wake up every day to break down barriers and challenge the status quo. I look forward to working relentlessly on your behalf, continuing to level the playing field for minority groups within the tech sector.

If you wish to connect and learn more about me, feel free to reach out at alberto@allstarcode.org and/or @artornes.

Don’t Miss Local Hack Day!

lhdnycLOGO (1)

Originated by Major League Hacking, Local Hackday is a series of hackathons that take place around the world and our boys are leading one in New York City.

On October 10th, graduates of All Star Code’s Summer Intensive will lead LocalHackDay NYC at General Assembly in cooperation with the Young Hackers, a hacking organization founded by All Stars Austin Carvey and Mamadou Diallo. Hackathons have become an exciting way for All Stars to build their CS skills, network, and engage in friendly competition.

All Star Code is thrilled to support our boys as they establish themselves as leaders in tech community.

What can students look forward to?

  • Meeting ASC staff and learning about our programs
  • Speaking to graduates of our Summer Intensive Program
  • Peer-teaching and learning
  • Lunch and snacks!
  • ​If you or someone you ​know is interested in attending, please register now! No previous coding experience is necessary.

    Space is limited. Secure your spot today!


    Farewell from Managing Director Robert Bonner

    Dear All Star Code Friends, Family and Alumni,

    Happy September!

    As the new school year begins, many new experiences await our alumni. Some are finally off to college! We wish these students much success, and deserved confidence, as they make this major life transition. The new crop of 2015 Summer Intensive alumni are returning to their high schools genuinely transformed from a one-of-a-kind summer experience. Judging from updates on their Facebook group, they are looking forward to building their tech skills through ASC’s Accelerator Program. I wish each of these young men continued success as they embark on this new leg of their exciting journey!

    I also want to give you, members of our tech-education ecosystem, an update on something that’s been developing for me at All Star Code. Now that our 2nd Summer Intensive has ended so successfully, All Star Code is in a better position than ever to grow in New York City – and to scale beyond.

    Having helped build the foundations of All Star Code, I am transitioning out of my role as Managing Director. I share this news with an obvious mix of sadness and excitement. There is never an opportune time to leave a train moving as fast as All Star Code. But change becomes more difficult once the organization begins accelerating again in the new school year.

    I have helped establish the organization’s very foundations and presence in the tech education space. Indeed, these years of hard work have been nothing short of phenomenal! All Star Code now has many key elements in place — a solid core team, a unique program and curriculum, a financial structure, a budget, 501(c)(3) status, a strategic plan, nearly 60 alumni and a one-of-a-kind reputation. Students, parents, and schools love All Star Code. And rightly so! Moreover, ASC also enjoys an ecosystem of professional mentors, tech partnerships and sponsorships that are truly enviable. I came on board to help set up all of this. I succeeded, and am proud of these accomplishments.

    Now that these things are in place, I am moving on to other opportunities and challenges. Christina and the (growing) team will nimbly handle the impending expansion phase! Much love to this growing work on behalf of our boys of color. Their lives truly matter.

    I will be moving on to consulting opportunities within the non-profit and tech education spaces. I want to find ways to leverage all that I have achieved and learned up to this point to continue my service to our young people of color. I will also revive my work as an executive and leadership coach. This is my primary passion: helping others to find their professional pathways and to excel. As you can see, All Star Code’s mission has been an obvious example of this work.

    Please let’s keep in touch. I’d love to keep each of you as a valued member of my professional network, with obvious overlaps to All Star Code’s. But I would most want to keep you as allies and friends.

    And to the students: I am always here as a supportive mentor. If you’ve learned nothing over the past two years, know this. So don’t hesitate to reach out at bonnersuter@gmail.com!

    Best wishes for everyone’s continued success!