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My Incredible Ride With All Star Code

As many of you know, these are my final days as Operations & Program Coordinator for All Star Code. Admittedly, it is bittersweet. On the one hand, I am excited for a new opportunity that lies ahead. And on the other, I’ll be leaving behind an organization whose mission is very close to me.
Prior to ASC, C++ was just an awkward letter grade for me between a C+ and a B-. Aside from hipping me to the fact that C++ was a powerful programming language, my time at ASC proved incredibly encouraging. ASC showed me that despite the countless news broadcasts that suggest otherwise, there are a world of folks who believe that Our Boys Matter. These supporters are also willing to put their money, time and efforts behind ASC to prove this fact.
That alone was enough to get me out of bed and into the office every morning.
I’ve met hundreds of students in the past year while raising awareness about All Star Code. This past July, my focus narrowed down to a select 20 who were accepted to our inaugural Summer Intensive.
The ASC team is, by and large, a well-prepared bunch. But nothing could have prepared us for the amount of vigor and life the inaugural Summer Intensive class brought to All Star Code. These young men, known as ASC 1, embody what All Star Code is all about: A deep passion for computer science, grit, wellness and FUN. I thank ASC1 for making our first Summer Intensive a blast and for continuing to stay connected with us.
ASC1 – Don’t tell the team this, but I have the most fun job of them all. I’m not even sure they’d disagree. I not only get to interface with great young minds like your own, but I get to be around the incredible individuals who make up the ASC team. These are people who couldn’t be more different, yet are joined by a belief that our young men of color deserve just as much access to the tech industry as anyone else.
If you are a parent or educator thinking about connecting with All Star Code, rest assured that your child or student are in the best of hands.
I couldn’t be more grateful to all who have made ASC what it is today. In such a short time, we’ve been able to garner a great amount of support. I know it will only continue.
Thank you for an incredible ride.

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