Who Supports Us

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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It’s true that a few committed people make a world of difference. But when extraordinary supporters back those few people, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. All Star Code would not be possible without them! From financial support to program guidance, from sharing resources and information to supplying instructors, speakers and mentors, they’ve each been instrumental.

We are thankful to include the following supporters among our committed group. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Current Founding Members:

Cristina Alger

Ken Allen

Bimal Amin

Charles Atkins

Jessica Betts

John Blondel

Brandon Bolling

Angie Cruz

Robert Ennis and Amy Chozick

Reginald Fugett

Charlynn Goins

Daron Greene

Rodrigo Herrera

Candace Jackson

Mannie and Cathy Jackson

Reggie Van Lee

Douglas Jaffe and Kristin Heavey

Yusef Kassim

Ethan Leidinger

Samuel and Jessica Lessin

James Nixon

David B. Orr

Saxonny Rich

Kim and Tarrus Richardson

Britt Morgan-Saks

Russell Simmons & Rush Philanthropic Foundation

Willard Stanback

Michael Stillman

Gavin Sword

Leslie Lewis Sword

Elliott Wiley, Jr.

Elliott and Rosalyn Wiley, Sr.

Founding Advisory Board:

Frank Baker
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Siris Capital Group, LLC

Elliott Breece
Product Manager, Google Play Music

Troy Carter
Global Head of Creator Services, Spotify

Walter Delph
CEO, Ad.ly

David N. Dinkins
Former Mayor of NYC

Charlynn Goins
Chair Emeritus, New York Community Trust Foundation

Jukay Hsu
Founder & Executive Director, Coalition for Queens (C4Q)

Jonathan Keidan
Co-Founder & CEO, Inside Hook

Jenny 8 Lee
CEO & Co-Founder, Plympton

Jessica E. Lessin
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Information

Nsi Obotetukudo
COO & Co-Founder, Alley

Robert Reffkin
Co-Founder & CEO, Compass

Reshma Saujani
Founder & CEO, Girls Who Code

Tarrus Richardson, Chairman Emeritus
CEO, IMB Development Corporation


Community Partners:

Yes We Code

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Eagle Academy

A Better Chance

Prep 4 Prep

Foundation Funders:

Betts Family Foundation

Ford Foundation

IMB Foundation

MJS Foundation

Reginald F. Lewis Foundation

Richard Parsons Family Foundation

Founding Leaders:

Dean C. Backer

Valentino D. Carlotti

Troy Carter

Gary D. Cohn

Thomas Cornacchia

Don J. Duet

Stefan Kaluzny

Loida Nicolas Lewis

Phil J. Venables

Jennifer Wheary & Paul Walker

Elisha Wiesel