All Star Code is a non-profit initiative that prepares qualified young men of color for full-time employment in the technology industry by providing mentorship, industry exposure, and intensive training in computer science. We are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap between young men of color and the tech industry.

Who We Are

All Star Code is a non-profit initiative led by Christina Lewis Halpern that inspires, equips and supports students in becoming creators and innovators in the tech space.

What We Value

All Star Code was founded on principles that guide our mission and our view of social change. These principles also determine how we work as a team and how we support our students.

What We Do

We build an “Ecosystem of Access & Education” through programmatic initiatives that focus on: Education, Mentorships, College Guidance, Industry Exposure, Parental Education and Internship Placement.

Why It Matters

Increasing professional access and STEM education for Blacks and Latinos is vital to the overall growth of the tech sector, minority communities, and the US economy as a whole.

  • Hip-Hop Hacks Two-Day Hackathon

    Hip-Hop Hacks Two-Day Hackathon

    Do you know of someone who would be interested in a hackathon? Hip-Hop Hacks is a two-day hackathon for high school students to explore technology’s role in hip-hop and how the most popular genre in …
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  • Flipping the Script

    Flipping the Script

    I spent a lot of my childhood with my Grandma. I still spend a lot of time with my Grandma, but back when I was in elementary school I was with her every weekend. When …
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  • My First Month With All Star Code!

    My First Month With All Star Code!

    Since early February, I have been happily interning twice a week as All Star Code’s Marketing and Development Intern and I love it! It is just what I wanted. So far, I have contributed to …
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